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            Multi Download

            Forget one by one downloads. With FlixTools, you can download subtitles for as many movies at the same time as you like, simultaneously and effortlessly.

            Powerful Subtitle Search

            Search for subtitles using movie names, IMDB ID’s, or simply drag-and-drop the movie files to find the subtitles you are looking for.

            Automatic Download

            FlixTools can watch a folder on your computer you define for new movie files. Once there is a new movie, FlixTools will download the subtitles for you automatically.

            Auto Conversion to iTunes

            FlixTools converts your videos automatically into iTunes compatible format, including subtitles, metadata, cover art and more, and adds it into your iTunes library.

            Subtitle Synchronization

            FlixTools will adjust the timing of your subtitles so that they will match your movie precisely.

            Shift Suggestion

            FlixTools analyzes your video and suggests the perfect shift amount so that your subtitles are always synced perfectly.

            Multi Upload

            Forget one by one uploads. With FlixTools, you can upload subtitles for as many movies at the same time as you like, simultaneously and effortlessly.

            Free: OS VIP Membership

            Become a full VIP member of OpenSubtitles.org, which will allow you to use the website without any ads,much higher daily download limits and all other VIP membership benefits.


            We are proud to work from two opposite time zones. This means that we have super fast response times wherever you are. Email [email protected] if you don’t believe us.

            OS FlixTools Free for OS X

            The free version is 100% free and gives you access to the following features:

            • Multi Subtitle Download
            • Automatic Subtitle Download
            • Multi Subtitle Upload
            • Powerful Auto Search Algorithm

            It's free!

            OS FlixTools Basic, Pro and Lifetime for OS X

            Unleash the Power of FlixTools by enabling more Features. FlixTools is in active development so more features are added with every update. It has same features as OS FlixTools Free plus:

            • Add to iTunes Library
            • Subtitle Synchronization
            • OpenSubtitles.org VIP Membership
            • Advertisement Free Subtitles
            • Advanced Subtitle Search
            • Turbo Subtitle Download
            • Priority Support
            • Access to Beta Versions


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